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As you are developing your startup, we are a resource to help you address critical objectives for formation, launch, and growth. We will listen and talk with you to review your desired outcomes and then leverage our Startup Consulting services.




  • Your Bridge members receive a member discount on Startup Consulting.


  • Surrogate C-level roles such as CEO, COO, and CFO.


  • Development and review of your existing business plan, financial statements, and venture profile.


  • Development, review and implementation of your go-to-market strategy.


  • Milestones and responsibilities for team members.


  • Product development to reach a completed minimum viable product (MVP).


  • Strategic planning.


  • Selection of service providers.


  • In working with startups who are looking to raise approximately $50K to $1.2 million dollars in angel capital, Brain Gain, LLC takes a comprehensive approach to the overall angel investor pitch process. Click here for more information.


Free Consultation