Pitch Coaching

Comprehensive Approach To Pitch Coaching


Our comprehensive approach to Pitch Coaching addresses the preparation, development, and delivery of an angel investor pitch. We want entrepreneurs to be in the best possible position to generate interest and investment from angel investors.


As part of the preparation stage, we start by learning more about the startups and what they are seeking to accomplish. Then discussing the expectations of both the entrepreneurs and angel investors on various topics such as the pre-money valuation, exit (amount, timeline, and prospects) and the post-investment relationship.


We review with startups why they are raising funds, use of funds, current cash runway, timeline to close the funding round, and the overall commitment of resources needed by them to raise angel capital. These and additional points are in the context of where startups fit relative to the investment criteria of angel investors.


As part of the development and delivery stage, we provide best practices for entrepreneurs to put their best foot forward to generate interest and investment from angel investors to ultimately close funding rounds. This includes steps such as reviewing and providing feedback on their pitch deck, executive summary, venture profile, business plan, financials, and other documents that will be needed in the due diligence process following the pitch.


With our Pitch Drill service, we provide opportunities for startups to put their pitch and ability to field angel questions to the test. A critical part of the pitch process is the delivery and messaging of the pitch and how entrepreneurs respond to questions from angel investors. We provide feedback, so entrepreneurs can make critical improvements on both the pitch and responding to angel questions, so they don’t lose angel investors’ interest and investment with a poor performance in one or both areas.


Our approach also prepares entrepreneurs for angel investors next steps such as added presentations, meetings, due diligence, and closing the funding round.