Pitch Drill

Put Your Angel Pitch And Ability To Field Angel Questions To The Test


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You have spent a considerable amount of time, money, and resources to get your startup to this point. The Pitch Drill replicates the environment you will face from angel investors while testing your angel pitch and ability to field angel questions. After everything you have done, make sure you are in the best possible position to generate interest and investment from angel investors.




  • Your Bridge members receive a member discount on Pitch Drill.


  • The Pitch Drill is for startups who have completed their angel pitch and other deal documents and are planning or are actively raising angel capital.


  • We will review your angel pitch deck and deal documents (angel pitch, business plan, venture profile, financials, etc.) prior to the Pitch Drill sessions.


  • Your will receive two one-hour practice pitch sessions with angel questions and feedback. Sessions can be the standard format (20 minutes pitch, 20 minutes angel questions, and 20 minutes feedback on the pitch and questions) or the format can be customized based on upcoming investor presentations you have.


  • After each of the Pitch Drill sessions you will receive a video recording to review as part of the improvement process.


  • In working with startups who are looking to raise approximately $50K to $1.2 million dollars in angel capital, Brain Gain, LLC takes a comprehensive approach to the overall angel investor pitch process. Click here for more information.


Free Consultation