Live Webinar Training: Pitch Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Prepares You For Raising Angel Capital And How To Develop And Deliver Your Pitch


 Register for March 8, 2018


From the overall preparation for the angel capital raise process to the development and delivery of angel investor pitches, we want entrepreneurs to be in the best possible position to generate interest and investment from angel investors.


This is an essential webinar for startup entrepreneurs who are considering or are actively raising their first funding round from angel investors.


With 4 hours of engaging information, solutions, best practices and Q&A, below are the descriptions of Part 1 and Part 2:


  • Part 1: Preparing- Topics include an overview of angels and the fundraising process from the initial relationship with angels through reaching an exit. This webinar explores the fit of startups with angels, perspective of angels receiving pitches, exit expectations, networking and approaching angels, pitching overview, and what to expect in phases such as due diligence, term sheets and closing the round, and your post investment relationships with angels.


  • Part 2: Developing and Delivering the Pitch- A deeper dive into the pitch to angel investors and overall pitch best practices. This includes your messaging and story, pitch format, delivery of impactful pitches, and answering investor questions during and after the pitch. We share with you the questions angels ask and strategies to best communicate why they should be interested in your deal.


The cost of the Pitch Coaching for Entrepreneurs live webinar training is $199 per individual registration, a savings of $401 off the hourly rate.