Fire Drill Package

Put Your Angel Pitch And Ability To Field Angel Questions To The Test


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The Fire Drill Package is for startups who have developed their angel pitch and are planning or are actively raising angel capital. You have spent a considerable amount of time, money, and resources to get your startup to this point.


Now do a Fire Drill Package that replicates the environment you will face from angel investors while testing your angel pitch and ability to field angel questions. The Fire Drill Package includes two one hour Fire Drill sessions conducted via video meetings and here is how it works.


You provide your deal documents (angel pitch, business plan, venture profile, financials, etc.), just like if angel investors expressed an interest in you applying and presenting. This is the first test of Fire Drill Package, do you have these documents ready to go?


Brain Gain, LLC then does up to a one hour prep reviewing your deal documents prior to the first of the two one hour Fire Drill sessions. After each of the Fire Drill sessions you will receive a video recording to review as part of the improvement process.


The Fire Drill sessions are either in the standard format or a customized format based on the specific pitch and Q&A time allotted by the angel investors for your presentation to them. You could have any combination of standard or customized formats for the two Fire Drill sessions.


For the standard Fire Drill session, it is a 20-20-20 format. First is 20 minutes to present your angel pitch. Second is 20 minutes of Q&A with Brain Gain, LLC serving in the role of an angel investor. We don’t pull our punches during the Q&A. Our Founder and CEO Mike Gildea leverages 10 plus years in the angel space to push you. You will get real questions that are asked by angel investors and strengthen your preparation for raising angel capital. Third is 20 minutes of feedback on both your angel pitch and Q&A. Feedback and improvement is critical on both the pitch and Q&A as you can lose angel investors’ interest and investment with a poor performance on one or both areas.


For the customized Fire Drill session, if the angel investors presentation duration for the pitch is 20, 15, 10 or even 5 minutes and a different or same time amount for Q&A, we can work with the angel investors format for the best utilization of the one hour Fire Drill session reflective of the pitch you will be making and your needs.


After the first Fire Drill session you will have the video recording of the session for your review. Then a few days to make any updates or changes to your angel pitch or deals documents, and to further practice your angel pitch. Any updated angel pitch or deal documents can be sent to Brain Gain, LLC for review prior to the second and final Fire Drill session.


The second and final Fire Drill session is another opportunity to further test your angel pitch, ability to answer angel questions, and receive feedback on both your angel pitch and Q&A. Also, after the second Fire Drill session you will also receive a video recording of it for your review.


The cost of a Fire Drill Package is $425, a savings of $100 off the hourly rate. One year expiration from the date of purchase.


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