Client Reviews

Exceeded Our Expectations


Ryan Harris

“What we ended up receiving from Brain Gain, LLC far exceeded our expectations and helped us capitalize on opportunities that we didn't even know existed.” Read more.

Pitch Drill Adds Value To Startup


Joshua Hoffman

"Overall we thought it was really valuable, especially early on in the process to get feedback on the pitch and especially to understand what message was being communicated versus what our target messaging was. Being able to replay the recording was also helpful in understanding the delivery so we better tailor to the pitch to a specific audience. You’re feedback helped us analyze the various components, the order that we presented them, and what was most or least important to include depending on the time limit, whether it’s a 5 minute or 20 minute presentation. It’s always difficult to take a step back and look at the presentation objectively so having someone external come in is so important to understanding what information our audience is understanding or needs more clarification. I would definitely recommend the service, especially to entrepreneurs who are just beginning the fundraising process."

Pitch Coaching For Entrepreneurs Webinar Makes Impact


John Lin
Suit Up

“I thought Pitch Coaching for Entrepreneurs was one of the best webinars I've ever been a part of. It had great content and it was packed with info. I'm looking forward to putting together my pitch.”