About Us

Brain Gain, LLC adds value to the startup ecosystem. This is highlighted by helping startup entrepreneurs, their families & friends, and ecosystem providers that includes angel investors, service providers, technology providers, incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, economic development, higher education, and more.


This is accomplished by providing a range of services such as those that make entrepreneurs better when pitching to angel investors, and testimonial interviews to showcase the products of startups to early adopters and angel investors. Our speaking and training shares Brain Gain, LLC Founder and CEO Mike Gildea’s experience as a serial entrepreneur and leading angel investor groups and initiatives.



As entrepreneurs, you are the innovators seeing the potential of ideas, investing your own time and money into your startups, and determining the needed angel capital. We want entrepreneurs to be in the best possible position to generate interest and investment from angel investors.

Ecosystem Providers

As ecosystem providers, you are the organizations and individuals providing resources helping entrepreneurs grow their startups and raise angel capital. We can add value for you and complement the resources you provide for entrepreneurs.